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About CDR Report Expert

Welcome to CDR Report Expert Company

CDR Report Expert Company operates since 2014 and since then we have demonstrated proficiency in CDR and NZQA applications and other applications related to skills assessment such as ACS and Stage 2 applications for chartered status. We have assisted over 1300+ Engineers from all over the world to receive positive results in the process of skills assessment with Engineers Australia, IPENZ, and other organizations. We are a registered business and we are totally independent of Engineers Australia and other skills assessment bodies.

Our Technical Writers who assist our Clients in CDR writing hold Engineering Degrees and have wide and profound knowledge in specific engineering fields they write assessment papers for. Our assistance in the CDR / NZQA  and other types of applications is professional, fast and relatively inexpensive compared to the Media 

Why Choose Us?

In CDR Writing Expert, we have a team of 12 Technical Writers, few of them focus specifically on Clients from India as they have the local knowledge and experience working specifically with Clients from India. The same applies to Clients from UAE, Pakistan, China, Brazil, and more explicit big-stream immigration locations.

Our company is independent of Engineers Australia or any other sills assessment organizations and we don’t represent them. We do assist Engineers with their CDR and other skills assessment documents based on our wide experience, deep understanding of Engineering practices, and knowledge of Engineers Australia and other assessing establishments’ requirements.

99% of our Clients pass the assessment on the first attempt. If the Client receives any comments from the EA on his application, we will adjust the client’s CDR for free.

In CDR Writing Expert  we provide services for Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Managers, and Engineering Associates. If you have prepared your draft CDR, we would evaluate it for free.

If you had your CDR rejected for any reason, there is a high chance of a positive assessment on a second attempt if you use our services. Statistics show that after an initial rejection, we manage to make 90% of our Clients pass the assessment2. We don’t accept any type of advance payment

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