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We are well-known CDR report providers in Australia. For every engineering field, we guarantee the highest-quality CDR writing service. We are a team of licensed technical writers from various Engineering disciplines to guide you in your skill assessment. Our qualified team of writers guarantees a satisfactory response from Engineers Australia. They are also fully aware of the standards and recommendations outlined in the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet by Engineers Australia.

We have thousands of engineers with a positive response whose report we have prepared. They have trusted us for our hard work and dedicated service. Our writers make sure to include all the technical aspects necessary in demonstrating your particular engineering knowledge and skills through the CDR. Our team makes sure to follow all the guidelines issued by the MSA Booklet. In addition to CDR writing, our services also include the preparation of detailed CV, Career Episodes (CEs), Summary Statement (SS), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for any engineering discipline.

What is CDR?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a report prepared by Engineers who plan for Skilled Visa Migration to Australia under the Engineers Australia authority. CDR report consists of three Career Episodes and their corresponding Summary Statements and a Continued Professional Development (CPD) document. These documents should be written according to the rules directed by the EA.

Who needs CDR?

The Engineers, as students or professionals who are willing to migrate to Australia but possess an overseas Engineering degree that is not accredited to the Washington Accord, Dublin Accord, and Sydney Accord, are required to submit a Competency Demonstration Report for the migration skills assessment. Engineers who want to live and work in Australia for better prospects have to get approved from Engineers Australia through the Migration Skills Assessment process. Professional Development (CPD) document. These documents should be written according to the rules directed by the EA.

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Plagiarism and Warning from Engineers Australia

Plagiarism is one of the reasons for CDR rejection by Engineers Australia. The career episodes and summary statements should be written carefully. The CDR Samples and other sources of information found online should only be used for a reference purpose, avoid copying the exact content from it.

If EA evaluators found plagiarism in CDR Report then, you will receive a warning from Engineers Australia first asking for an explanation of why the plagiarised content was used. If you fail to explain the reasons, the issue can lead to you being banned for 12 months in addition to your details being reported to the department of home affairs.



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